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life is better when
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bath time just became
a sacred ritual.

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Handcrafted, luxury bath soaps made in small batches in a traditional, cold process method, that not only smell simply amazing, but also provides a unique benefit to our bodies

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Bathing in salt has long been known to detoxify the body while increasing circulation, exfoliating, and providing the skin with nutrients.

“Salt is born of the purest parents: the sun and the sea.”
- Pythagoras

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some reviews.

My dad's this farmer, firefighter, MANLY MAN..And he came over the the house, used the soap and was freaking out the whole night about how good his hands smelled.


Keenan P.

We have been in search of the perfect soap supplier for years and we've finally found that :D



Awesome soaps!! Love em, thank you !


Greg S.

“Our houseguests are so impressed with this unique fragrance blend and it’s long-lasting yet subtle scent.”


Eva M.

Daily Soaper

This soap is dope ! Smells like I just got off a plane from fragranceville. Not overwhelming, but strong enough to roundhouse kick your musty odor into oblivion. Used about 4-5 times already and it’s still the same size! I think they may contain traces of everlasting gobstoppers..? 11/8 would buy again. Would probably risk a misdemeanor stealing it too . It’s that good.


Gupreet Sandhu


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